A cruel woman kills 8 newborn puppies in front of their mom for a very weird reason

So many times, stray dogs end up having many puppies, and as those dogs are not being neutered when they grow up, they continue, in turn, having their own litters. For some people who are not fond of animals, this can be a cause of havoc, as they do not want to see all those pups around their property!

Krishnanagar is a small town in India, where so many people show a fondness for animals. In the contrary, a woman compassionates to those helpless animals, and opens the door of her local coffee shop for stray dogs at the end of every day. Thank to this kindhearted woman, the pups in town are offered to stay in a safe place at night, protected from cold and abusers, keeping crimes such as that one happened with Ammu at minimum!

Ammu is a four-year-old pup who had just given birth to eight puppies in a drain. Near to that drain, a woman named Ponnamma was living. For some unknown reason, those litters outraged this woman, so she threw them into an empty lot away from her house!

Ponnamma action had a severe impact on the newborn puppies as she caused some of their intestines to get out. Right afterwards, Ammu had been seen circling around the dead bodies of her litters, crying and wailing them in protest, and trying to nurse them as if this would bring them back to life!

Ponnamma did not show any remorse when the neighbors asked her about the reason why she did this crime! All what she stated was that she did not like the dog giving birth that close to her place!

 Five days later to that terrible crime, Ammu was still lingering around the spot where her litters were buried. She looked so desperate for help. Unexpectedly, the poor dog dug her pups out, kept trying to bring them back to life, and thought that nursing them would do so!

Ponnamma has been released on bail after being arrested for her crime of killing the eight litters. Still, the CCTV footage is undeniable evidence of her crime. I hope that this cruel woman will be charged for her action with the fullest extent of law.

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