Man Sees A Car Hit Something And Speed Away Without Stopping. That’s When He Spots The Dog…

A kind man witnessed a car hit a dog and drove away in other case of Hit-and-run accidents. The man  decided not to leave the injured left behind dog and he lent him a comforting and loving hand to the poor animal.

What the man did has made him praise worthy from not only people in the surrounding community but from all animal lovers around the world.

The kindhearted man named Eric rushed right away to check on the injured dog and called California's Solano County Sheriff's Animal Control for some help.

While waiting for help, he sat on the ground just next to the injured animal and kept on comforting him. No one how much time he sat there! He wouldn't mind waiting.

"A deputy Eric lying on the ground, in the rain comforting the injured dog" described the Solano County Sherriff's Department. "Eric stayed by the dog's side until Animal Control came and took the dog to the emergency pet clinic."

The sheriff's department was deeply touched by what Eric did and his noble attitude and they shared a photo with their thanks.

“We would like to thank Eric for not looking the other way and driving by,” they wrote. “He went above and beyond to help this injured dog. Please share and help us thank Eric.”

Unfortunately, the sheriff's department revealed that the dog had passed over Rainbow Bridge at hospital.

Please, share this story with your family and friends. Praise what Eric did and encourage other people to do the same thing to any soul that in a desperate need for help!