They Took This Worried Mom From Her Newborn Puppies. Now Watch Her Reaction When Reunited!

22 August 2016 9653 views
This small Shih Tzu is Asha Attie. While she was in labor, she wasb abndoned at a Los Angeles shelter. It didn't take much to realize that this dog had lived a life of serious neglect. Her fur was infested with fleas and completely matted. She was severely matted that she couldn't nurse her puppies once they arrived, which put their lives in serious danger. Thanks to the Bill Foundation, they stepped in to rescue this mama and give her four puppies a chance at life. Once Asha Attie and her puppies were brought to the vet, Asha was quickly groomed. It took over 90 minutes to shave her, but you will love to watch her reunion with her babies!
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